The Diamond Dry hole saws offer a number of unique advantages:

The Diamond Dry is the new product that ProFit has brought to market. It is also equipped with the new Click & Drill system, making it a unique cutting tool.

From 18 mm and up all the Diamond Dry hole saws are fitted with the patented Click & Drill adapter. Difficulties with centering the hole saw belong to the past and very high RPM are no longer necessary. An angle grinder is superfluous, a normal drilling machine suffices. Our Diamond Dry range enables you to First pre-drill a pilot hole with our 7 mm centredrill. Then you click the Diamond Dry hole saw on to the centre drill.

More advantages of the Diamond Dry hole saws from ProFit:


  • You can use a normal cordless drilling machine (>18volt) with these hole saws with a hex shaft.
  • In addition you do not have to mess around with water.
  • Due to the high Diamond grit collar the sawdust is better evacuated and the tool life extended.
  • The Diamond Dry hole saws have the Click & Drill system and make the angle grinder obsolete.
  • The Diamond Dry is the first diamond hole saw with a centredrill. Runaway whilst cutting belong in the past. Damage to materials, such as an expensive kitchen counter can now be prevented.
  • More than 17 diameters, from 5 to 110 mm, are available from stock.

Diamond Dry - User advise:

Use Diamond Dry hole saws when drilling in Stone materials with a scratch hardness above 5:

  • Floor tiles
  • Granite
  • Mosaic

For all other materials up to scratch hardness 5 the Multi Purpose is more suitable. For cutting metal we suggest using Bimetal PLUS Cobalt hole saws.

Which type of hole saw do I need?

Click on a material and you will see which hole saw can be used best.


Where to buy?

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