Company Profile

Boorwerk was founded in Amsterdam in 1929 as a drill manufacturer. After the second world war Boorwerk has evolved as an importer and distributor of professional tools. In the last ten years we have returned to manufacturing. This time not for drills, but for hole saws. After almost 100 years we are back where we started; making holes.

We have been selling hole saws for more than 50 years. Since the present owner took over the company the development of tools under our own brand name, ProFit, has taken place. With the development and marketing of the Multi Purpose hole saws, followed by the introduction of the patented hole saw system, growth took an unexpected upswing. Today the ProFit hole saws are successful not only in The Netherlands but also all over Europe.

Boorwerk continues to develop focusing on improvements that bring a real benefit to the customers.

ProFit is a registered trademark of Boorwerk BV


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