The advantages of HM Endura:

Due to the carbide teeth and the unique geometry and the evacuation mutch and cuts 10 x faster as a bimetal holesaw. 

More durable

The HM Endura saws have 30 x longer tool life:

  • The teeth do not burn during sawing thanks to the fast evacuation of the chips
  • These carbide teeth remain sharp much longer than the bimetal
  • The teeth can also be re-sharpened

More versatile

HM Endura hole saw is suitable for cutting in construction steel

  • in construction steel
  • Specialy in steel tickness > 2 mm steel
  • Also very fast in Stainless Steel
  • Using ProFit cutting foam is recommended
  • Magnetic drilling stands become obsolete

People Planet ProFit

Thanks to the longer tool life of the ProFit hole saws CO2 emissions are reduced by 37% as compared to common hole saws 

Which type of hole saw do I need?

Click on a material and you will see which hole saw can be used best.


Where to buy?

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