HM Endura

Centre drill TCT cutter Endura

Centre drill for TCT cutters Endura (0902).

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Metal cutting foam

Metal cuttin foam for TCT cutters Standard (0900) and Endura (0902).
Metal cutting foam is recommended when drilling in all kinds of metal with HSS Bimetal saws or TCT cutters.
Use ProFit cutting foam, for a smoother cut and a longer life.

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TCT cutter Endura

TCT cutter Endura (0902).
The ideal cutter for heavy metal work, magnetic drilling presses become obsolete.
The multiple angles of teeth ensure a perfect cut.
The Endura has a long tool life, is regrindable and cuts up to 5 times faster than a HSS Bimetal hole saw. 
Using ProFit cutting foam, for a smoother cut and a longer life, is recommended .

Available in the sizes: 15 t/m 60 mm
Fur use in: Stainless steel, steel, aluminum, copper, cast iron and metal alloys.
Cutting depth: Max 25 mm
Shank size: 12,7 mm

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