Professionals more and more choose ProFit

We, ProFit, believe it always can be better, faster and easier. That is why we are constantly working on new solutions. 

We developed Click & Drill system. An unique system to remove a plug in an instant. 

Click & Drill is also one of the reasons more and more professionals choose for ProFit hole saw system.

Multi Purpose

Multi Purpose suitable for all types of wood, including hardwoods, plastics, soft bricks, wall tiles, plaster and aerated concrete.

Multi Purpose Long

Multi Purpose with a cutting depth of 152 mm, with the same features as the Multi Purpose.

Bimetal Plus

BiMetal PLUS (HSS-Co) regular pitch suitable for metal <3 mm. Also in variable pitch. For thicker steel we recommend the HM Endura.

Diamond Dry

Diamond Dry no more messing with water. From ΓΈ 18 mm with integrated Click & Drill System

HM Endura

HM Endura for metal > 3 mm. In less than 30 seconds a hole in H-beam of 8 mm.

Which type of hole saw do I need?

Click on a material and you will see which hole saw can be used best.


Where to buy?

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